FASTag will be implemented nationwide from December 15

Let us provide you with detailed information about how to get a FASTag etc., as well as tell that FASTag will be implemented nationwide from December 15.
FASTag will be implemented nationwide from December 15
FASTag will be implemented nationwide from December 15


  • Know where to recharge fast tag
  • FASTag was first to be implemented from 1 December
  • FASTag Recharge can be done online on Airtel Payments Bank and Paytm

FASTag: December 15 Fast Tag will be implemented nationwide, a system that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for cashless toll payment. For the information of the people, let us know that the government has partnered with 23 certified banks so that fast tags can be made available to the people easily. Recall that Fast Tag (FASTag) was to be implemented nationwide from 1st December. Let us provide you detailed information about fast tag.

How to get a FASTag: how to buy fast tags

Major automobile companies in India are defaulting FASTag RFID tags with new vehicles. If you have not recently purchased a new vehicle, you can also purchase FASTag through various mediums. Fast tags for Class 4 vehicles such as cars, jeeps and vans can be purchased from the online portal of Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank or State Bank of India (SBI) Bank. Airtel Payments Bank, Amazon and Paytm are also selling to FASTag.

If you are buying the fast tag online, then you will have to upload the registration number and registration certificate (RC) picture of your vehicle. Airtel Payments Bank is selling FastTag for Rs 450 through the Airtel Thanks app, with a Rs 200 refundable security deposit, Rs 100 (one-time tag cost) and a minimum balance of Rs 150. There is also a cashback of up to Rs 150.

Fast tag is getting Rs 500 on Paytm, it costs Rs 100 fast tag, refundable security deposit of Rs 250 and minimum balance of Rs 150.

Where to recharge a FASTag: Where to recharge fast tag

After you buy a fast tag, you place it on the windscreen of your vehicle. After this, link it to your bank account so that as soon as you pass through the toll plaza, the money from your bank account is automatically deducted from the account. You can use the MyFASTag app on your Android device to link the account. With the help of My Fast Tag app, you can recharge your Fast Tag account through UPI payment.

If you do not want to link your bank account with fast tag, then you can also use Airtel Thanks and other payment apps. To recharge, you need to enter your Fast Tag Wallet IDO. Axis Bank, HDFC and ICICI Bank also provide you the facility to recharge fast tags online.

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